Maison Depoivre Art Gallery officially opened its door in 2015 in Bloomfield, Prince Edward County.

Vincent Depoivre and Christophe Doussot first opened their art gallery in the living room and dining room of the Bed and Breakfast they used to operate. They started to work with local artists as well as Toronto artists and hosted regular openings. Their curating style quickly became well recognized and translated in well attended and successful shows.


In 2017, they decided to further focus on the more artistic part of their activity and opened a new and larger exhibition space in an historical barrack of Camp Picton, a WWII military airport located in Prince Edward County. Many original elements of the barrack have been preserved during the renovations. The outcome is a unique and minimalist space where shapes, colours and textures fully come to life.


For this 4th season, the gallery will re-open at the end of April 2018 with a further extended exhibition space, over 3,000 sq. ft. dedicated to art and creativity.

Several openings are planned for the upcoming season. Vincent and Christophe will continue to work with local artists and will also be inviting artists from Toronto, Montreal, and France.


Since the beginning of the year, the gallery is available online

“We invite you to visit us physically and virtually to discover the many talented artists we represent.”

Vincent & Christophe